Top eight benefits of storytelling for Indian school children

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So what are the top eight benefits of storytelling for school children, in India? Well, there are a lot actually. We have compiled a list that will help Indian parents to understand the storytelling benefits for their child studying in Indian school. Please remember that storytelling is an excellent applied teaching medium is actually preparing your child to excel, and Indian CBSE schools have recently adopted the storytelling as a mandatory option for the school teachers.

Sharpen child listening skills

It isn’t always easy to hold the attention of a school going child for long, hence it is important for sharpen child listening skills. It is difficult as school children are always bubbling with enthusiasm, therefore focusing on the lessons for extended period of time is not possible. Hence, doing storytelling with your child can help improve child listening skills, as they learn how to pay attention. They will become more attentive and learn how to increase their focus on a certain topic.

Improve child’s imagination

When your child listens to a story for the first time, the imagination works overtime using the story characters, in the context of the plot, and the story setting, etc. It very different from what is depicted in a film or theatre as the aspect of storytelling uses the child’s imagination to paint the world. it is forced choice to use the words and weave a story in the context of mind. Imagine the story in the manner, they want it to look like that enhances their creativity opening the power to accept new ideas.

Boosts the cultural orientation in child

Telling stories to Indian school children, opens the orientation of the world with different perspectives as the young children open up to new things –culture, places, food, music and traditions. Indian child imagines in the place of the story’s own characters, that is higher engagement to develops their empathy. Over a period of time, it exposes to diverse culture orientation in child that helps future ability to interact in Indian society.

Improves child communication skills

Reading and telling stories to Indian children can increase their skills and ability to express themselves. The school children are encouraged to communicate expressing their thoughts, own feelings and their own ideas. So, if you being a storyteller telling storytelling, as an Indian parent remember to encourage your child to learn and speak. Asking questions or discussing their thoughts improves child communication skills. As storyteller who indulges in a storytelling activity over time you will notice that your child has a built a broader vocabulary which helps to express thoughts in the classroom.

Helps to sharpen child memory

Storytelling is an excellent applied teaching medium for Indian CBSE schools. It is very effective way to sharpen Indian child’s memory capabilities. When grandma or grandpa read your child a story every night, this is helping the child to recall the story details. Asking your child questions at the end of the story helps to check how much information processing child have been able to retain.

Makes learning easier

Telling stories to children is also one the toughest as the right choice of words which they are able to comprehend as per their age is important. Each class in the Indian CBSE schools, is a stepping stone of success, but preparing your child to excel in the future classes require to adopt learning techniques that are applied in nature. Simplifying is a good way to prepare them for learning, as uses different learning techniques. The concept of rote learning in Indian CBSE schools needs to be eliminated and instead storytelling helps to improve the level of the attention and concentration. This is important for class lecture, understand new concepts in school classroom.

Improves child’s social skills

Through storytelling to children, they are able to learn how to pay attention and listen actively to classlectures by classteacher. This helps in wider social context as the person is talking. Children learn to be more patient as they listen to others speak first and understand the context. It helps them to understand at later stage to gauge individual’s thoughts and develop deeper understanding of social circle better building social skills.

Storytelling is an applied form of art, that makes learning fun, technical and offer a huge benefit for your child. Teaching storytelling to school children, needs early approach before they reach their teens. As you prepare them for education and life, you as an Indian parent need to explore avenues to boost child skill sets. If you cannot spend time with your child, its time for engaging professional storytellers telling stories to your kids.- @UniversityofSt3



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