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2 min readJun 12, 2021


CBSE has launched online storytelling as a pedagogy in Indian schools to bridge the gaps in the education institutions in India. While it is free as CBSE Launches Free Online Training on Storytelling, it has also organised CBSE school storytelling competition in 2021. In India storytelling competition in 2021 has been a huge success as the category of participation has been categorised as follows:-

Category of CBSE school student’s participation:

i. Primary — Class 3 to 5

ii Middle — Class 6 to 8

iii Secondary — Class 9 to 10

iv. Sr. Secondary — Class 11 to 12

The storytelling competition broadly aimed in inculcating free Storytelling training for CBSE students: i) promoting thinking skills ii) promoting creativity among students, iii) developing communication skills and iv) enhancing analysis and evaluation skills. It is evident that teachers and 2021 school curriculum in India are fast adopting the practice of storytelling in their academic curriculum. It starts with storytelling for kids in class 3 primary section and goes on to the class 12 students. So how does any CBSE student register for storytelling competition from their own school? Previously CBSE board organised story writing competition in 2019.

So what is storytelling? It is a narrative structure which follows a structural pattern, and for the Indian civilisation has been relying on the religious storytelling through performances on stage since ages. There is folk narrative, and is the earliest form of storytelling art which flourished even before printing press was discovered. However, storytelling in school classes is very different, in this 21st century storytelling. The digital storytelling has picked up fast, due to the COVID19 pandemic, while every parent wishes that their child can tell amazing stories. Many CBSE schools have been responsive and have already have implemented storytelling in classroom mandatory. The CBSE teachers aim that student who are accustomed to hear traditional stories at home, need to replicate storytelling in classroom environment with confidence, without notes or prompts, in a way that really engages their attention and sparks their imagination.

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