Instill virtues early through storytelling for Indian school students

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4 min readJun 15, 2021

Indian parents these days after CBSE notification are searching benefits of storytelling for Indian school students. In 21st century, technology and learning has been a boon, as turning to technology convenience has helped to sharpen the skills of children and even send them to sleep. Well, it is a fact, that even for Indian school students has gone digital. Let’s admit it frankly. It’s really easy for Indian kids to watch and learn using Youtube videos their lessons, and then fall asleep. Education and technology have got married, no wonder! So, the tendencies for CBSE Indian school students is to watch cartoons or any animated character has not gone in vain. Infact, it has progressed to next level, where Indian education system like CBSE board having directed all CBSE schools to adopt storytelling course.

Thus, at home during COVID19 pandemic storytelling with visuals, is an innovative way to assimilate knowledge with greater level of engagement with story narration. When compared to grandpa and grandma stories, the simple pleasure of childhood of bedtime stories or mythological stories has eclipsed towards blending of technology. From parenting angle, nothing compares to joy and beauty of storytelling to our children. As a parent, your engagement with the child is of much importance to close the gap as long as you spend some time. How much time of your day, do you spend on telling stories to child in 2021? Do you remember when you have told your first story to your child, when the child could understand and comprehend words. Isn’t it a magical moment? Yes, across cultures, the children are enthralled, listen to stories with their mouths open, eyes wide.

Psychologists state that storytelling in Indian school and storytelling at home, plays a critical part in your overall child personality development. Whether it is as simple storytelling, or complex storytelling technique matures with age, and storytelling techniques differ. As you talk about your childhood or sharing a funny story about your day, storytelling offers several advantages to children.

We at University of Stories have curated the benefits of storytelling for kids with unique storytelling courses for them.

Instil virtues early

It is true that young children while growing up love listening to stories, and even when the Indian school students enrol themselves in school. When you as a parent, invest your adequate time for your child, storytelling and engaging them, you are actually instilling virtues. This psychological connect of father or mother reading stories, or telling stories at dining table, telling stories at bedtime, stories during school vacation, you are actually imprinting emotive impressions in their mind. Yes, children will remember them, in their memories as they grow old. Tell them with story characters whose life values, your child can imbibe. Emulate or stories with meaningful messages that help to form the child’s character. Taking time to do this as an everyday activity, help Indian parents to inculcate valuable skills in children at an early stage of their life. It also helps them learn about the forms of kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion and more. This adds value over time, as most of the Indian school students are now taking storytelling as an applied form of teaching. The NEP in 2021, has opened up avenues to qualitatively improve the education system in India.

So how early should you start? KG or primary section? Well as a school classteacher, take care of students especially in the formative years, children from kindergarten to the end of elementary school..

· As the Indian school teacher engages in purposeful talking that inspires them to do any activity in school.

· Raise the Indian school children enthusiasm for reading aloud texts in the classroom even if they falter.

· Initiate into story writing or composition as Indian children will quickly want to use their imagination just like they draw pictures.

· Ask them to read their composition loudly in Indian school classroom to enhance storytelling community engaging in daily practice

· Yes, note every child, for their abilities in their listening skills development, ability to understand and comprehend to be mentioned in school reportcard.

· Really engage Indian school children who are physically active in drama, dance and acting.

· For English-language learners to speak and write English for CBSE board schools in India.

The above is one of the greatest universal benefits of storytelling for Indian school students amidst the gloomy news of COVID19 pandemic virus.




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